PR 31 Additional measures to ensure mandatory application of IACS Unified Interpretations
Rev.1 July 2014

PR 32 Procedure for handling technical questions regarding the IACS CSRs
Rev.1 Sept 2011

PR 33 Rev0 CLN

PR 33 Owner's Hull Inspection and Maintenance Schemes
Rev.0 July 2009

PR 34 Deleted

PR 34 Procedural Requirement on Application of the IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC), Resolution MSC.215(82), under IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers - Deleted 1 July 2012.

PR 35 Rev0 CLN

PR 35 Procedure for Imposing and Clearing Recommendations/Conditions of Class
Rev.0 July 2009

PR 36 Contact Details

PR36 (Procedure for the Transfer of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Certification) - POINT OF CONTACT DETAILS - May 2018

PR 36 New

PR 36 Transfer of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Certification - New March 2013

PR 37 Procedural Requirement for Confined Space Safe Entry - Rev.1 May 2014

PR 38 Procedure for calculation and verification of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) - Rev.1 Mar 2016

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