Procedural Requirements


Procedural Requirements are adopted resolutions on matters of procedures to be followed by Members.

Procedural Requirements adopted shall be incorporated in the practices and procedures of the members within the periods agreed by the IACS General Policy Group.

The technical backgrounds (development histories) of Procedural Requirements since 2004 can be found by following this link.

A list of the IACS working groups responsible for each Procedural Requirement may be found here.

PR 35 Rev0 CLN

PR 35 Procedure for Imposing and Clearing Recommendations/Conditions of Class
Rev.0 July 2009

PR 36 New

PR 36 Transfer of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Certification - New March 2013

PR 36 Contact Details

PR36 (Procedure for the Transfer of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Certification) - POINT OF CONTACT DETAILS as at 14 June 2017

PR 37 Rev1 CLN

PR 37 Procedural Requirement for Confined Space Safe Entry - Rev.1 May 2014

PR 38 Rev1 CLN

PR 38 Procedure for calculation and verification of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) - Rev.1 Mar 2016

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