In entirety, the IACS Procedures comprise:

Volume 1: IACS General Procedures (adopted April 2010);
Volume 2: Procedures concerning requirements for Membership of IACS (adopted December 2009);
Volume 3: IACS Quality Systems Certification Scheme (QSCS) (adopted June 2011);
Volume 4: Procedures for the maintenance and harmonisation for the Common Structural Rules (adopted July 2011).


Procedures Vol1 Rev11 CLN

Volume 1. Rev.11 IACS General Procedures - August 2017

Procedures Vol2 Rev7 CLN

Volume 2. Rev.7 Procedures concerning Requirements for Membership of IACS - February 2017

Procedures Vol3 Rev6 CLN

Volume 3. Rev.6 IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) - December 2016

Procedures Vol4 Rev3 CLN

Volume 4. Rev.3 Procedures for the Maintenance of the Common Structural Rules - April 2017

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