Rec 141 New

Rec 141 Guidelines for the Assessment of Safety Aspects at Workplace - New July 2015

Rec 142 New

Rec 142 LNG Bunkering Guidelines - New June 2016

Rec 143 New

Rec 143 Recommended procedure for the determination of contents of metals and other contaminants in a closed fresh water system lubricated stern tube - NEW Oct 2015

Rec 144 New

Rec 144 Inspection of ship's side valves - NEW Feb 2016

Rec 145 New

Rec 145 Recommendation for the Operation of Shore-Based Emergency Response Services - NEW May 2016

Rec 146 New

Risk assessment as required by the IGF Code - Aug 2016

Rec 147 New

Rec 147 Type Approval Certificate of Internal Combustion Engine - Oct 2016

Rec 148 New

Survey of liquefied gas fuel containment systems - New January 2017

Rec 149 New

Guidance for applying the requirements of and of the IGC Code (on ships constructed on or after 1 July 2016) - May 2017

Rec 150 New

Vapour pockets not in communication with cargo tank vapour / liquid domes on liquefied gas carriers - May 2017

Rec 151 New

Recommendation for petroleum fuel treatment systems for marine diesel engines - New July 2017.

Rec 152 New

Rec 152 - Survival crafts launching stations. Guidance for applying the requirements of 11.3.1 of the IGC Code (on ships constructed on or after 1 July 2016) - New Apr 2018.

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