IACS produces recommendations and guidelines related to adopted resolutions that are not necessarily matters of  class but which IACS considers would be helpful to offer some advice to the marine industry.  The documents cover a wide range of issues and can be accessed via the links below.

The technical backgrounds (development histories) of Recommendations since 2006 can be found by following this link.

A list of the IACS working groups responsible for each Guideline and Recommendation may be found here.

Rec 1 Deleted

Rec 1 Portable electrical equipment - Deleted Dec 1996

Rec 2 Deleted

Rec 2 Type of hatch cover required if a lower deck is designated as the freeboard deck - Deleted Nov 2010

Rec 3 Deleted

Rec 3 Deleted

Rec 4 Deleted

Rec 4 Deleted 1996

Rec 5 Deleted

Rec 5 Deleted 1997

Rec 6 Deleted

Rec 6 Selection of electrical equipment based on location condition - Deleted May 2004

Rec 7 Deleted

Rec 7 Guide for the use of hull structural steels for prolonged exposure to low service temperatures - Deleted July 2003

Rec 8 Deleted

Rec 8 Provision for the carriage of heated oils and oils with a flash point above 60°C up to 100°C on dry cargo ships - Deleted Nov 2011.

Rec 9 Deleted

Guidelines for installation of cargo oil discharge monitoring and control system on board oil tankers - Deleted Sept 2005

Rec 10 Rev3 Corr1 CLN

Rec 10 Anchoring, Mooring and Towing Equipment - Rev.3 Corr.1 Dec 2016

Rec 11 Rev1 CLN

Rec 11 Materials Selection Guideline for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units - Rev.1 1996

Rec 12 New

Rec 12 Guidelines for Surface Finish of Hot Rolled Steel Plates and Wide Flats - 1983

Rec 13 Rev1 CLN

Rec 13 Standards for Ship Equipment for Mooring at Single Point Moorings - Rev.1 July 2004

Rec 14 Rev2 Corr1 CLN

Rec 14 Hatch cover sercuring and tightness - Rev.2 Corr.1 October 2005

Rec 15 Rev3 CLN

Rec 15 Care and survey of hatch covers of dry cargo ships - Guidance to owners - Rev.3 Aug 2013

Rec 16 Rev1 CLN

Rec 16 Heading information for emergency steering position - Rev.1 December 2003

Rec 17 New

Rec 17 Guidelines for the Acceptance of Manufacturer's Quality Assurance Systems for Welding Consumables - 1987

Rec 18 Rev1 CLN

Rec 18 Fire Prevention in Machinery Spaces of Ships in Service - Guidance to Owners - Rev.1 June 1999

Rec 19 Deleted

Rec 19 Deleted 1996

Rec 20 Rev1 CLN

Rec 20 Non-destructive testing of ship hull steel welds - Rev.1 December 2007

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