IACS produces recommendations and guidelines related to adopted resolutions that are not necessarily matters of  class but which IACS considers would be helpful to offer some advice to the marine industry.  The documents cover a wide range of issues and can be accessed via the links below.

The technical backgrounds (development histories) of Recommendations since 2006 can be found by following this link.

A list of the IACS working groups responsible for each Guideline and Recommendation may be found here.

Rec 61 New

Rec 61 Recommended Maximum Allowable Rudder Pintle Clearance - January 2000

Rec 62 Deleted

Rec 62 Container Prototype and production certificates - Deleted Jan 2015

Rec 63 Deleted

Rec 63 General cargo containers: prototype test procedures and test measurements - Deleted Jan 2015

Rec 64 Deleted

Rec 64 Quality Control arrangements at works engaged in series production of containers - Deleted Jan 2015

Rec 65 Deleted

Rec 65 Tank containers: prototype test procedures and test measurements - Deleted Jan 2015

Rec 66 Deleted

Rec 66 Thermal containers: prototype test procedures and test measurements - Deleted Jan 2015

Rec 67 New

Rec 67 Test and Installation of busbar trunking systems - June 2000

Rec 68 New

Rec 68 Guidelines for non-destructive examination of hull and machinery steel forgings - June 2000

Rec 69 Rev1 CLN

Rec 69 Guidelines for non-destructive examination of marine steel castings - Rev.1 May 2004

Rec 70 Rev1 CLN

Rec 70 Guidelines on welding procedure qualification tests of aluminium alloys for hull construction and marine structures - Rev.1 November 2006

Rec 71 Corr1 CLN

Rec 71 Guide For The Development of Shipboard Technical Manuals - Corr.1 Mar 2014

Rec 72 Rev2 Corr1 CLN

Rec 72 Confined Space Safe Practice - Rev.2 Corr.1 Sep 2017

Rec 73 New

Rec 73 Type approval procedure for cable trays/protective casings made of plastics materials - June 2002

Rec 74 Rev1 CLN

Rec 74 Guide To Managing Maintenance - Rev 1. May 2008

Rec 75 Rev2 CLN

Rec 75 Format for Electronic Exchange and Standard Reports - Rev.2 Dec 2016

Rec 76 Rev2 Corr1 CLN

Rec 76 IACS Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structure - Bulk Carriers - Rev.2 Corr.1 - Sept 2007

Rec 77 Rev4 CLN

Rec 77 Guidelines for the Surveyor on how to Control the Thickness Measurement Process - see also PR 19 - Rev.4 Oct 2017

Rec 78 New

Rec 78 Safe Use of Portable Ladders for Close-up Surveys - September 2002

Rec 79 Rev CLN

Rec 79 Guidance for Anchoring Equipment in Service - Rev.1 July 2014

Rec 80 Deleted

Rec 80 Containers "In One Door Off" Operation - Deleted January 2013

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