UI SC134 New

UI SC134 Essential Services and Arrangements of Sources of Power, Supply, Control and Monitoring to the different Catergories of Essential Services (SOLAS Regulations ll-1/40 & 41) - June 2002

UI SC135 Deleted

UI SC135 Escape Route or Low Location Lighting (LLL) (Chapter II-2, Regulation 28.1.10) Deleted in May 2004

UI SC136 Rev3 CLN

UI SC136 Connecting means by which the main bus bars of the main source of electrical power are normally connected (Chapter II-1, Regulation - Rev.3 Nov 2005

UI SC137 New

UI SC137 Definition of High Speed Craft (Chapter IX, Reg 1.8) - April 1998

UI SC138 New

UI SC138 Safe Access to Tanker Bows Reg. II-1/3-3.2 - May 1998

UI SC139 Deleted

UI SC139 Navigation bridge visibility (Chapter V, Regulation 22) Deleted Dec 2011

UI SC14 New

UI SC14 Special requirements for machinery, boilers and electrical installations (Chapter II-1, Regulation 53.3) - 1985

UI SC140 Rev3 CLN

UI SC140 Secondary Means of Venting Cargo Tanks Reg. II-2/ - Rev.3 January 2011 Clean

UI SC141 Deleted

UI SC141 Information on compliance with requirements for bulk carriers - "triangle" to be marked on a bulk carrier (Chapter XII, Regulation 8.3) Deleted in July 1999.

UI SC142 Deleted

UI SC142 Embarkation Ladders & Survival Craft Launching Falls (Chapter III, Regulations 11.7 & 16.6) Deleted in January 2000. 

UI SC143 Rev1 CLN

UI SC143 Stowage of Marine Evacuation Systems SOLAS Regulation III/15.1 - Rev.1 February 2010 Clean

UI SC144 Rev2 CLN

UI SC144 Periodic Servicing of Launching Appliances and on-load Releasing Gear SOLAS Regulation III/20.11 - Rev.2 September 2012 Clean

Note: UI SC144 Rev.3 will come into force on 1 January 2020 and can be found in "Previous Revisions"

UI SC145 New

UI SC145 Public Address System (LSA Code, para. 7.2.2) - 1998

UI SC146 Rev1 CLN

UI SC146 Fire hose couplings and nozzles (Reg. II-2/10.2.3) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC147 Rev1 CLN

UI SC147 Watertight door closure (FSS Code, Ch. 9, 2.1.2) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC148 Rev2 CLN

UI SC148 Ventilation by fan coil units and internal circulation fans (Reg.II-2/, II-2/ and Reg.II-2/7.9.3) - Rev2 September 2015 Clean

UI SC149 Rev2 CLN

UI SC149 Gas Measurement and Detection - Portable instruments (SOLAS Reg. II-2/ - Rev.2 February 2012 Clean

UI SC15 Deleted

UI SC15 Definitions Deleted in Nov 2005 because of SOLAS 2000 Amendments

UI SC150 Rev1 CLN

UI SC150 Location of the foam system equipment (FSS Code, Ch. 14, 2.1.2 and 2.3.1) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC151 New

UI SC151 Location of the main generating station with respect to the main switchboard and associated section boards (Chapter II-1, Reg. 41.3) - May 1999

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