UI SC152 New

UI SC152 Use of emergency generator in port (Chapter II-1, Regulations 42.1.4 and 43.1.4) - May 1999

UI SC153 New

UI SC153 Rudder Stock Diameter (Reg.II-1/29.3.3, 29.4.3 and 29.14) - February 2000

UI SC154 New

UI SC154 Provision of Detailed Information on Specific Cargo Hold Flooding Scenarios (SOLAS XII/9.3) - March 2000

UI SC155 Rev2 CLN

UI SC155 Lightweight check in lieu of inclining test Regulation II-1/22 - Rev.2 February 2010 Clean

UI SC156 Doors in watertight bulkheads of cargo ships and passenger ships - June 2002

Note: UI SC156 Rev.1 will come into force on 1 January 2020 and can be found in "Revision History" 

UI SC157 Rev1 CLN

UI SC157 Main Source of Electrical Power (Regulation II-1/41.5) - Rev.1 Feb 2005

UI SC158 Rev1 CLN

UI SC158 Horizontal fire zone concept (Reg. II-2/ - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC159 Rev1 CLN

UI SC159 Equivalent Protection (Reg. II-2/10.7.2) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC16 Rev2 CLN

UI SC16 Definitions (Reg. II-2/3.34) - Rev.2 Aug 2006

UI SC160 Rev1 CLN

UI SC160 Method IIIC Construction (Reg. II-2/ - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC161 Rev1 CLN

UI SC161 Timber deck cargo in the context of damage stability requirements SOLAS Regulation II-1/5-1 - Rev.1 Feb 2008

UI SC162 Rev1 CLN

UI SC162 Emergency fire pumps in cargo ships - General (Reg. II-2/ - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC163 Rev2 CLN

UI SC163 Emergency fire pumps in cargo ships - sea suction and sea valve (FSS Code, Ch. 12, (SOLAS Chapter II-2, Reg.10, (SOLAS Chapter II-2, Reg.10, - Rev.2 Sept 2009

UI SC164 Rev1 CLN

UI SC164 Emergency fire pumps in cargo ships - priming (FSS Code, Ch. 12, - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC165 Deleted

UI SC165 Electrical cables for the emergency fire pump (Reg.II-2/ Deleted Dec 2014.

UI SC166 Rev1 CLN

UI SC166 Waste receptacles (SOLAS 2000 Amendments (MSC.99(73)), Reg.ll-2/4.4.2) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC167 Rev1 CLN

UI SC167 Electrical distribution boards (Reg. II-2/,, and - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC168 Rev1 CLN

UI SC168 Hydrants for dangerous goods (SOLAS 2000 Amendments (MSC.99(73)), Reg.ll-2/ - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC169 Corr1 CLN

UI SC169 Foam systems positions of aft monitors (SOLAS 2000 Amendments (MSC.99(73)), Reg.ll-2/10.8 and FSS Code Ch. - Corr. Feb 2003

UI SC17 Rev2 CLN

UI SC17 Definitions - Control Stations (Reg. II-2/3.18) - Rev.2 Nov 2005

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