UI SC170 Rev1 CLN

UI SC170 Low pressure CO2 systems (FSS Code Ch.5.2.2) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC171 Rev2 CLN

UI SC171 Interpretation of the term "First Survey" - Rev.2 Aug 2008

UI SC172 Rev1 CLN

UI SC172 Monitoring the concentration of hydrocarbon gases in cargo pump rooms on oil tankers (Chapter II-2, Reg (Res MSC.99(73)) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC173 New

UI SC173 Safety Devices in Venting Systems (Reg.II-2/ - July 2003

UI SC174 Rev1 CLN

UI SC174 A 60 Front Insulation of Tankers (Reg.II-2/ - Rev.1 Aug 2006

UI SC175 New

UI SC175 Combustible Gaskets in Ventilation Duct Connections ( Reg.II-2/ ) - July 2003

UI SC176 Rev1 CLN

UI SC176 Fixed Local Application Fire Extinguishing System (Reg.II-2/10.5.6) - Rev.1 May 2004

UI SC177 New

UI SC177 Lubricating Oil and other Flammable Oil System Arrangements — Retroactive Application of Regulations II- 2/15.3 and 15.4 of SOLAS (2001 Edition) - July 2003

UI SC178 Rev1 CLN

UI SC178 Emergency Fire Pumps in Cargo Ships (FSS Code, Ch. 12, FSS Code, Chapter 12, paragraph Suction heads - Rev1 April 2011 Clean

UI SC179 Rev2 CLN

UI SC179 Dewatering of forward spaces of bulk carriers (Chapter XII, Regulation 13.1 (Resolution MSC 134(76)) and IMO interpretation of SOLAS Regulation XII/13 (MSC/Circ.1069)) - Rev.2 March 2011 Clean

UI SC18 Deleted

UI SC18 Fire pumps, fire mains, hydrants and hoses Deleted in Nov 2005 because of SOLAS 2000 Amendments.

UI SC180 Rev3 CLN

UI SC180 Hold, ballast and dry space water level detectors (Chapter II-1/25 and Chapter XII/12) and Performance Standards for Water Level Detectors on Bulk Carriers and Single Hold Cargo Ships other than Bulk Carriers (Resolution MSC.188(79)) SOLAS Regulation II-1/25 and SOLAS Regulation XII/12 - Rev3 March 2012 Clean

UI SC181 Withdrawn

UI SC181 BRIDGE DESIGN, EQUIPMENT ARRANGEMENT AND PROCEDURES Withdrawn pending further development work

UI SC182 Rev1 CLN

UI SC182 Bulk carriers not complying with SOLAS XII/9 as of 1 January 2004 (Chapter XII, Regulation 9) - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC183 Rev1 CLN

UI SC183 Endorsement of Certificates with the Date of Completion of the Survey on which they are Based - Rev.1, Nov. 2005

UI SC184 Rev1 CLN

UI SC184 Machinery Installations – Dead Ship Condition SOLAS Regulation II-1/26.4 - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC185 Rev1 CLN

UI SC185 Starting Arrangements for Emergency Generating Sets SOLAS Regulation II-1/44, paragraph 1 - Rev.1 Nov 2005

UI SC186 Corr1 CLN

UI SC186 Acceptable voltage variations in voltage when the emergency loads are supplied from a battery via an electronic converter/inverter (Reg.II-1/, 42.4, & 43.4) Reg.II-1/ - Corr.1 January 2010 Clean

UI SC187 New

UI SC187 Electric steering gear overload alarm (Reg.II-1/30.3) SOLAS Reg.II-1/30.3 - May 2004

UI SC188 Rev3 CLN

UI SC188 Segregation of Cargo Oil Tanks (Reg.II-2/ SOLAS Reg. II-2/ - Rev3 July 2015 Clean

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