UI SC189 New

UI SC189 High pressure oil fuel delivery lines on small engines (SOLAS chapter II-2, regulations 15.2.9 and 15.2.12 (Resolution MSC.31(63)) - May 2004

UI SC19 Deleted

UI SC19 Fire pumps, fire mains, hydrants and hoses Deleted in Nov 2005 because of SOLAS 2000 Amendments

UI SC190 Rev1 CLN

UI SC190 IACS Unified Interpretations (UI) SC 190 for Application of SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-6 (Res MSC.134(76)) and Technical Provisions on Permanent Means of Access (Res MSC.133(76)) - Rev1 Apr 2019 Clean

UI SC191 Rev8 CLN

UI SC191 for the application of amended SOLAS regulation II- 1/3-6 (resolution MSC.151(78)) and revised Technical provisions for means of access for inspections (resolution MSC.158(78)) - Rev.8 Apr 2019 Clean

UI SC192 New

UI SC192 Arrangement of galley ducts SOLAS Reg.II-2/ - December 2004

UI SC194 New

UI SC194 Installation of electrical and electronic appliances on the bridge and vicinity of the bridge Regulation SOLAS V/17, Electromagnetic compatibility - September 2005

UI SC195 Deleted

UI SC195 Performance Standards For Universal Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) (SOLAS Reg.V/18.2) Deleted and Re-categorised as Rec 93 (Dec 2006).

UI SC196 New

UI SC196 Document of compliance for the carriage of dangerous goods (DoC) (Reg.II-2/19.4) - March 2005

UI SC197 Rev1 CLN

UI SC197 Non-combustible cargoes (Reg.II-2/ - Rev.1 Aug 2006

UI SC198 New

UI SC198 Sections in local application fire extinguishing systems (Reg.II-2/ - June 2005

UI SC199 New

UI SC199 Fire fighting systems in cargo sampling lockers (Reg.II-2/ - June 2005

UI SC2 Deleted

UI SC2 Main source of electrical power Deleted in 2003

UI SC20 Deleted

UI SC20 Fire pumps, fire mains, hydrants and hoses Deleted in Nov 2005 because of SOLAS 2000 Amendments

UI SC200 New

UI SC200 Container storage arrangement for equivalent fixed gas fire extinguishing systems (FSS Code, Ch. 5, 2.5) - June 2005

UI SC201 Rev1 CLN

UI SC201 Location of paint lockers within cargo block (SOLAS regulations II-2/ and, IBC Code regulation 3.2.1) - Rev.1 Apr 2006

UI SC203 Corr1 CLN

UI SC203 Carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and equipment - Corr.1 May 2007

UI SC204 New

UI SC204 Storage of fire-extinguishing media forward the cargo holds (SOLAS regulation II-2/10.4.3. and FSS Code paragraph, Chapter 5) - April 2006

UI SC205 New

UI SC205 Portable fire-fighting appliances in cargo holds loaded with vehicles with fuel in their tanks (Regulation II-2/20.6.2) - May 2006

UI SC207 Corr1 CLN

UI SC207 SOLAS XII/5 in terms of Structural Strength of Bulk Carriers in case of Accidental Hold Flooding (SOLAS regulation XII/5) - Corr.1 Oct 2007

UI SC208 Corr2 CLN

UI SC208 SOLAS XII/6.5.1 in terms of protection of cargo holds from loading/discharge equipment (SOLAS regulation XII/6.5.1 and SLS.14/Circ.250) - Corr.2 June 2009

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