Fire Protection

UR F10 Deleted

Deleted 1986

UR F11 Deleted

Deleted 1986

UR F12 Deleted


UR F13 Rev1 CLN

UR F13 Gland seals in pump room bulkheads - Rev.1 1977

UR F14 Deleted

Deleted 1996

UR F15 Rev5 CLN

UR F15 Piping passing through dangerous zones - Rev.5 1996

UR F16 Rev1 CLN

UR F16 Bow and stern loading and unloading arrangements on oil tankers - Rev.1 June 2000

UR F17 Deleted

Deleted 1996

UR F18 Deleted

Deleted 1997

UR F19 Deleted

Deleted 1988

UR F1 Rev1 CLN

UR F1 Cathodic protection on oil tankers - Rev.1 June 2002

UR F20 Inert gas systems - Rev.7 May 2015

UR F21 New

UR F21 Pump room ventilation - 1974

UR F22 New

UR F22 Direct loading pipes to oil tanker cargo tanks - 1974

UR F23 Deleted

Deleted 1996

UR F24 Rev2 CLN

UR F24 Temperature of steam and heating media within the cargo area - Rev.2 May 1998

UR F25 Deleted

Deleted 1987

UR F26 Rev3 CLN

UR F26 Safety aspects of double bottoms and duct keels under cargo oil tanks - Rev.3 May 2004

UR F27 New

UR F27 Cargo openings in the bottoms of topside tanks of ships carrying alternatively oil and grain - 1978

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