UR W - Materials and Welding

Materials and Welding

UR W1 Materials and welding for gas tankers - Rev.3 Aug 2016

UR W2 Rev2 CLN

UR W2 Test specimens and mechanical testing procedures for materials - Rev.2 July 2003

UR W3 Deleted


UR W4 Deleted


UR W5 Deleted


UR W6 Deleted


UR W7 Rev3 CLN

UR W7 Hull and machinery steel forgings - Rev.3 May 2004

UR W8 Rev2 CLN

UR W8 Hull and machinery steel castings - Rev.2 May 2004

UR W9 Rev2 CLN

UR W9 Grey iron castings - Rev.2 May 2004

UR W10 Rev2 CLN

UR W10 Spheroidal or nodular graphite iron castings - Rev.2 May 2004

UR W11 Normal and higher strength hull structural steels - Rev.9 May 2017 Clean

UR W12 Deleted


UR W13 Thickness tolerances of steel plates and wide flats - Rev.6 June 2018 Clean

UR W14 Rev2 CLN

UR W14 Steel plates and wide flats with specified minimum through thickness properties (“Z” quality) Rev.2 May 2004

UR W15 Deleted


UR W16 High strength steels for welded structures - Rev.3 Mar 2016 Complete Revision

UR W17 Approval of consumables for welding normal and higher strength hull structural steels - Rev.5 Mar 2018 Clean

UR W18 Rev5 CLN

UR W18 Anchor chain cables and accessories including chafing chain for emergency towing arrangements - Rev.5 May 2004

UR W19 Deleted

Normal and higher strength hull structural steel grades E and E36 with thicknesses above 50 up to 100 mm - superseded by W11,  - Deleted 1995 

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