UR W28 Welding procedure qualification tests of steels for hull construction and marine structures - Rev.2 Mar 2012

UR W29 New

UR W29 Requirements for manufacture of anchors - June 2005

UR W2 Rev2 CLN

UR W2 Test specimens and mechanical testing procedures for materials - Rev.2 July 2003

UR W30 Normal and higher strength corrosion resistant steels for cargo oil tanks - Del 1 July 2015

UR W31 Application of YP47 steel plates - Rev.1 Sept 2015

UR W32 Qualification scheme for welders of hull structural steels - Sept 2016

UR W3 Deleted


UR W4 Deleted


UR W5 Deleted


UR W6 Deleted


UR W7 Rev3 CLN

UR W7 Hull and machinery steel forgings - Rev.3 May 2004

UR W8 Rev2 CLN

UR W8 Hull and machinery steel castings - Rev.2 May 2004

UR W9 Rev2 CLN

UR W9 Grey iron castings - Rev.2 May 2004

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