UR Z - Survey and Certification

Survey and Certification

UR Z1 Annual and intermediate classification survey coverage of IMO Resolution A.1104(29) - Rev.6 Apr 2016 Clean

UR Z2 Deleted

Deleted 1994 - superseded by Z10.1

UR Z3 Periodical survey of the outside of the ship's bottom and related items - Rev.7 Jan 2018 Clean

Note: UR Z3 Rev.8 will come into force on 1 July 2020 and can be found in "Revision History"

UR Z4 Deleted

Surveys of hatch covers and coamings - Deleted May 2013

UR Z5 Deleted

Deleted - Re-categorised as Recommendation No.59 (May 1999)

UR Z6 Continuous system for hull special survey - Rev.6 June 2015

UR Z7 Hull classification surveys - Rev.26 Jan 2018 Clean.

Note: UR Z7 Rev.27 will come into force on 1 January 2020 and can be found in "Revision History"

UR Z7.1 Rev14 CLN

UR Z7.1 Hull surveys for general dry cargo ships - Rev.14 Jan 2018 Clean.

UR Z7.2 Hull surveys for liquefied gas carriers - Rev.7 Jan 2018 Clean.

UR Z8 Rev1 CLN

UR Z8 Corrosion protection coating for salt water ballast spaces - Rev.1 1995

UR Z9 Rev2 CLN

Corrosion protection coatings for cargo hold spaces on bulk carriers - Rev.2 1996

UR Z10.1 Rev23 CLN

UR Z10.1 Hull surveys of oil tankers - Rev.23 Jan 2018.

UR Z10.2 Rev35 Corr1 CLN

UR Z10.2 Hull surveys of bulk carriers - Rev.35 Corr.1 Sep 2018 Clean.


UR Z10.3 Rev18 CLN

UR Z10.3 Hull surveys of chemical tankers - Rev.18 Jan 2018 Clean.

UR Z10.4 Rev15 CLN

UR Z10.4 Hull surveys of double hull oil tankers - Rev.15 Jan 2018 Clean.

UR Z10.5 Rev18 CLN

UR Z10.5 Hull surveys of double skin bulk carriers - Rev.18 Jan 2018 Clean.

UR Z10.6 Deleted

Re-categorized as UR Z7.1 (June 2003)

UR Z11 Mandatory ship type and enhanced survey programme (ESP) notations - Rev.5 Sept 2015

UR Z12 Deleted

Deleted - Sept 2000

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