IACS Annual Review

2021 Annual Review includes a broad range of articles on IACS’ work in 2021 including on the continuous support provided to industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Safe Decarbonisation, Remote Survey and Cyber Resilience. In addition, there are also in-depth technical articles on Buckling Strength Updates and innovations in the materials used for ship construction along with updates on Quality and Safety with commentary on the positive movement on IQARB and remote audit standards. Further topics include updates on IACS’ international and inter-industry relations including how IACS has been able to adapt and progress with work at the IMO and at various industry meetings.

The Annual Review also includes details of all the new, updated, and deleted IACS Resolutions in 2021, as well as information on IACS's considerable contributions to IMO and our 'Class Report,' which contains data on the IACS fleet.

2021 Annual Review can be downloaded in following formats:

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