IACS Vision and Mission Statement

The purpose of a Classification Society ("CS") is to provide classification, statutory certification and services as a Recognised Organisation acting on behalf of a flag Administration, and assistance to the maritime industry and regulatory bodies as regards maritime safety and pollution prevention, based on the accumulation of maritime knowledge and technology.


To be a trusted partner of regulators with respect to the development of maritime regulations and to maintain classification as the primary mechanism for practical self-regulation of the maritime industry.


To establish, review, promote and develop minimum technical requirements in relation to the design, construction, maintenance and survey of ships and other marine related facilities, and,

To assist international regulatory bodies and standard organisations to develop, implement and interpret statutory regulations and industry standards in ship design, construction and maintenance with a view to improving safety at sea and prevention of marine pollution.

  • LEADERSHIP: the ability to be ahead and co-operate with regulators and industry on initiatives that can effectively promote maritime safety, protection of the environment and sustainability, provide practical real-world guidance to regulators and industry, and appropriately address maritime safety and environmental concerns; 
  • TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: the collective and individual knowledge and experience gained from the class cycle as shown in figure below to enable the development, adoption and implementation of technical rules and minimum requirements as well as interpretations of statutory instruments, that reflect current practice and changing demands of the society, supporting innovation and new technologies;
  • QUALITY PERFORMANCE: commitment of Members to define and adhere to the highest global quality standards, through rigorous application of the IACS QSCS and through actual performance proved by appropriate key performance indicators; 
  • TRANSPARENCY: the ability to openly communicate regarding the concept of class, its vital role and its quality standards, as well as provide advice on the implementation of regulations, interpretations or enhancements thereof, if need is identified, so that practical solutions can be effectively developed in cooperation and with the support of other stakeholders, increasing the trust on class.

The Class Cycle


To provide an assurance of professional integrity and the maintenance of high professional standards, by means of:

  • effective application of internal quality management systems complying with the IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) and verified by independent Accredited Certification Bodies, and
  • initial assessment and periodical verification of compliance with the IACS Membership Criteria

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