Urgent Rule Change Proposal 1 (URCP 1) to the Common Structural Rules (CSR for BC & OT), 01 January 2021 version has been released by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

The URCP 1 to CSR BC & OT 01 January 2021 release and associated Technical Background document (TB) are available via the following links:

URCP 1 (Fourth item on the following web page):

Technical Background document (Fourth item on the following web page):

Please be informed that this urgent rule change proposal has been made due to:

  1. IACS UR A1, A2 and Rec.10 are to be uniformly implemented by the Rules of all IACS societies to ships without exemption of CSR ships from 1 January 2022. Hence the requirements related to these IACS URs are removed from CSR to avoid inconsistency between CSR and IACS Unified Requirements/Rules of all IACS societies.
  2. The stiffener buckling method in Pt.1 Ch.8 was improved in CSR January 2021. An update of the stiffener aspect ratio requirement closely related to this improvement has been added. This change will not have impact on scantlings.

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