CSR for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers

These Rules were adopted on 18th December 2013. They will enter into force on 1st July 2015 and supersede the following Rules:

• Common Structural Rules for Double Hull Oil Tankers, July 2012
• Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers, July 2012

These Common Structural Rules consist of two parts. Part One provides requirements common to both Double Hull Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers and Part Two provides additional requirements applied to either Double Hull Oil Tankers or Bulk Carriers.

Industry comment may be given via e-mail to csr@iacs.org.uk or via a Class Society member of IACS.

Archive of RCN & Corrigenda

Full Revision History for CSR BC & OT

Draft Rule Change Proposal 1 to CSR 01 Jan 2021 version - Effective date 01 July 2022

Urgent Rule Change Notice 1 to CSR 01 Jan 2021 version - Effective date 01 January 2022

Common Structural Rules 01 Jan 2021 Consolidated - Effective date 01 July 2021

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