07. Tanker CSR - CIP (Common Interpretation Procedures) as issued

Tanker CSR Common Interpretation Procedures:

  • CIPs 1-6 effective from April 2008.
    Please refer to ID Nos. 573, 574, 575, 576, 577 & 578
  • CIP 7 effective from November 2009.
    Please refer to ID No. 438
  • CIP 8 applicable for the original version of key drawings for approval with submission date 1 January 2010 or later.

(a) Tanker CIPs

(a) List of Tanker KC items that have led to CIPs

(b) CIPT -1 - ID No. 574 Buckling Assessment of Corrugated bulkhead.

(c) CIPT - 2 - ID No. 575 Approval of high density Cargo Limitation on max filling height.

(d) CIPT - 3 - ID No. 576 Cargo Tank/local fine mesh FE Analysis Procedure in way of Opening.

(e) CIPT - 4 - ID No. 577 Optional Shear check for primary support members with curved brackets or shallow brackets.

(f) CIPT - 5 - ID No. 578 Calculation of equivalent moment of Inertia/Stiffness.

(g) CIPT - 6 - ID No. 573 Prescriptive Scantling Calculation of deck transverse fitted above deck.

(h) CIPT -7 ID No. 438 Application of the Common Structural Rules for Double Hull Oil Tankers

(i) CIPT - 8 (Rev.2) Taper of Scantlings Outside the Midship 0.4L

(j) CI-T

(j) CI-T - 9 - Plans to be supplied onboard the ship indicating the renewal thickness

(k) CI-T

(k) CI-T - 10 - Application of the Tank Testing Requirements of UR S14

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