Membership Criteria, Guidance and Procedures

A1.0 Charter
A1.1 Charter Annex 1: Membership applications and periodical verification of existing Members
A1.2 Charter Annex 2: Appeal Board rules of procedure
A1.4 Charter Annex 4: Definitions
B IACS Procedures Volume 2
C Guidance on appointments to IACS's independent appeal board and composition of case panels
D List of independent appeal board members


A. Charter

Charter and Annexes 2009 Rev.9 (Dec 2021)

C. Guidance on Appointment of IAB

Guidance of appointments to IACS' Independent Appeal Board (IAB), Updated Mar 2021

D. IAB Membership

List of Independent Appeal Board Members, Updated May 2021

B. Procedures Volume 2

IACS Procedures, Volume 2, Issue 2, Rev.2 Dec 2021

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