IACS produces a range of documentation to help promote consistency throughout the member societies. This area provides access to technical resolutions produced by IACS.

The IACS Green Book contains all currently in force IACS Resolutions and Recommendations. The annex to the Green Book contains all adopted IACS resolutions and their future entry into force dates. The Green Book is updated when an IACS new or revised Resolution or Recommendation is uploaded on the IACS website. Namely, the IACS Green Book is revised at the end of each working day. 

The IACS Blue Book contains the IACS Green Book as well as previous revisions of IACS publications and historical data. The IACS Blue Book is updated and published once a year only.

Please click here to download the list of IACS Resolutions and Recommendations adopted since January 2019.

Note to Classification Societies which are not Members of IACS

IACS publishes all Unified Requirements ("URs"), including CSR, and technical background ("TB") information on the IACS website. Any classification society which is not a member of IACS may register with IACS for free RSS* newsfeeds with updates of all IACS' new publications by navigating to the page it wants to subscribe to and using the RSS* link on that page. By clicking on the RSS* link the classification society can add its contact details for subscription.

*we have identified some irregularities with our RSS feed, therefore we have provided the list of adopted IACS Resolutions and Recommendations above for your use. 

Notwithstanding the intellectual property rights held by IACS Members in IACS' URs and the related TB information, all classification societies are free to use the URs (including CSR) by effectively embedding them into their own published rules. Classification societies are also at liberty to enter into any agreement with any IACS member in relation to the provision of further information or assistance.

In the event that any classification society decides to embed IACS' requirements into its own rules, it will be the responsibility of that classification society to verify the contents and the application of those requirements. The classification society's right to incorporate IACS' requirements into its own rules implies no representation by IACS or its Members that the classification society in question is operating in compliance with those requirements. IACS and IACS' Members accept no liability (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any defect or deficiency in IACS' unified requirements and the related information or for any resulting damage.

The Procedure governing applications for confirmation by IACS that an entity is a classification society is explained in IACS' Procedures Volume 2, Section C. A non-IACS Classification Society that is recognised as a Classification society is entitled to participate in IACS work. This can be achieved by approaching the IACS Secretary General who will discuss your particular requirements as regards participation in specific IACS Working Group(s) with a view to finding a mutually agreeable arrangement.

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