Rec 1 Deleted

Rec 1 Portable electrical equipment - Deleted Dec 1996

Rec 2 Deleted

Rec 2 Type of hatch cover required if a lower deck is designated as the freeboard deck - Deleted Nov 2010

Rec 3 Deleted

Rec 3 Deleted

Rec 4 Deleted

Rec 4 Deleted 1996

Rec 5 Deleted

Rec 5 Deleted 1997

Rec 6 Deleted

Rec 6 Selection of electrical equipment based on location condition - Deleted May 2004

Rec 7 Deleted

Rec 7 Guide for the use of hull structural steels for prolonged exposure to low service temperatures - Deleted July 2003

Rec 8 Deleted

Rec 8 Provision for the carriage of heated oils and oils with a flash point above 60°C up to 100°C on dry cargo ships - Deleted Nov 2011.

Rec 9 Deleted

Guidelines for installation of cargo oil discharge monitoring and control system on board oil tankers - Deleted Sept 2005

Rec 10 Chain Anchoring, Mooring and Towing Equipment - Rev.4 Sep 2020 Clean

Rec 11 Materials Selection Guideline for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units - Rev.3 October 2019 Clean

Rec 12 Deleted

Rec 12 Guidelines for Surface Finish of Hot Rolled Steel Plates and Wide Flats

Deleted on 1 July 2018 and included in UR W11.

Rec 13 Standards for Ship Equipment for Mooring at Single Point Moorings - Rev.3 July 2020 Clean

Rec 14 Rev2 Corr1 CLN

Rec 14 Hatch cover sercuring and tightness - Rev.2 Corr.1 October 2005

Rec 15 Care and survey of hatch covers of dry cargo ships - Guidance to owners - Rev.3 Aug 2013

Rec 16 Rev1 CLN

Rec 16 Heading information for emergency steering position - Rev.1 December 2003

Rec 17 Guidelines for the Acceptance of Manufacturer's Quality Assurance Systems for Welding Consumables - Rev.1 Mar 2020 Clean

Rec 18 Fire Prevention in Machinery Spaces of Ships in Service - Guidance to Owners - Rev.2 Feb 2021 Clean

Rec 19 Deleted

Rec 19 Deleted 1996

Rec 20 Non-destructive testing of ship hull steel welds - Del December 2019

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