Rec 121 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

Rec 121 Uniform Application of MARPOL Annex I, Revised Regulation 12 - Corr.1 Rev.1 June 2021 Clean

Rec 122 New

Rec 122 Integral Buoyancy Casings in Lifeboats and Rescue Boats - NEW Jan 2012

Rec 123 New

Rec 123 Recommendation based on IMO instruments - MSC.1/Circ.1370 "Guidelines for the design, construction and testing of fixed hydrocarbon gas detection systems" and Resolution MSC.292 (87) "Amendments to the FSS Code Chapter 16 Fixed Hydrocarbon Gas Detection Systems" - NEW May 2012

Rec 124 New

Rec 124 Guidance on the role of the Recognised Security Organisation in relation to the employment of armed guards and the installation of citadels on board ships threatened by piracy in the Indian Ocean - NEW May 2012

Rec 125 NIU

Number not in use

Rec 126 New

Rec 126 Record of approved GMDSS radio installation - Nov 2015

Rec 127 A Guide to Risk Assessment in Ship Operations - Rev.1 Nov 2021 Clean

Rec 128 New

Rec 128 Record of approved Ship Safety Equipment - Nov 2015

Rec 129 Guidance on DMLC Part II review, inspection and certification under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 - Rev.1 June 2019 Clean

Rec 130 Procedures for verifying that materials are asbestos free - Rev.1 Sept 2016

Rec 131 New

Rec 131 Uniform application of SOLAS Ch.II-2 Reg. for accepting a constant operative inerting systems (COIS) as an alternative to fixed hydrocarbon gas detection equipment in double hull and double-bottom spaces on oil tankers - New July 2013

Rec 132 New

Rec 132 Human Element Recommendations for structural design of lighting, ventilation, vibration, noise, access and egress arrangements - New Dec 2013

Rec 133 New

Rec 133 Guidelines for Pilot Schemes of Extended Interval between Surveys in Dry-Dock - Extended Dry-docking (EDD) Scheme - New Nov 2013

Rec 134 New

Rec 134 Boat Transfers Safe Practice - NEW Mar 2014

Rec 135 New

Rec 135 Rooms for emergency fire pumps in cargo ships - New June 2014

Rec 136 New

Rec 136 Guidelines for Working at Height - New June 2014

Rec 137 New

Rec 137 Recommendation for protection of socket outlets for road freight units - NEW October 2014

Rec 138 New

Rec 138 Recommendation for the FMEA process for diesel engine control systems - New Dec 2014

Rec 139 New

Rec 139 Guidelines on Approval of Hull Steels with Improved Fatigue Properties - NEW February 2015

Rec 140 Recommendation for safe precautions during Survey and Testing of Pressurized Systems - Rev.1 March 2019 Clean

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