Rec 81 New

Rec 81 Guidance on the ISPS Code for Maritime Security Auditors - May 2003

Rec 82 Surveyor's Glossary - Hull Terms and Hull Survey Terms - Rev.1 Oct 2018 Clean

Rec 83 New

Rec 83 Notes to Annexes to IACS Unified Requirement S1A on Guidance for Loading/Unloading Sequences for Bulk Carriers - August 2003

Rec 84 Container Ships - Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures - Rev.1 Nov 2017

Rec 85 Recommendations on Voyage Data Recorder - Rev.1 Dec 2018 Clean

Rec 86 Applicable Standards for UR P4.7 “Requirements for Type Approval of Plastic Pipes” Rev.2 March 2019 Clean

Rec 87 Guidelines for Coating Maintenance & Repairs for Ballast tanks and Combined Cargo/Ballast tanks on Oil Tankers - Rev.2 May 2015

Rec 88 Periodical hydrostatic tests of air cylinders of safety equipment - Rev.1 Apr 2020 Clean

Rec 89 Firms engaged in testing of navigational equipment and systems - Rev.2 June 2020 Clean

Rec 90 Ship Structure Access Manual - Rev.1 Apr 2019 Clean

Rec 91 Guidelines for Approval / Acceptance of Alternative Means of Access - Rev.3 Apr 2019 Clean

Rec 92 Del Oct 2019

Rec 93 New

Rec 93 Performance Standards For Universal Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) (SOLAS Reg.V/18.2) - December 2006

Rec 94 New

Rec 94 Guideline for application of UR S31 Rev.4 - April 2007

Rec 95 Recommendation for the Application of SOLAS Regulation V/15 Bridge Design, Equipment Arrangement and Procedures (BDEAP) - Rev.1 Mar 2022 Clean

Rec 96 Double Hull Oil Tankers - Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures - Rev.1 May 2019 Clean

Rec 97 was deleted in January 2022. The recommendation was annexed into UR S11 Rev.10 (Dec 2020)

Rec 98 Duties of Surveyors under Statutory Conventions and Codes - Rev.3 June 2019 Clean

Rec 99 Recommendations for the Safety of Cargo Vessels of less than Convention Size - Rev.1 April 2013

Rec 100 New

Rec 100 IACS recommended practice on the time requirement for thoroughly closing sea inlets and discharges below the waterline in case of influx of water. Feb 2008

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