UR D - Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

UR D1 Rev4 CLN

Requirement concerning offshore drilling units and other similar units - July 2004

UR D2 Rev2 CLN

Definitions - Rev.2 1996

UR D3 General design parameters - Rev.6 Nov 2018 Clean

UR D4 Self-elevating drilling units - Rev.3 Jan 2012

UR D5 Rev3 CLN

UR D5 Column stabilized drilling units - Rev.3 1996

UR D6 Surface type drilling units - Jan 2012

UR D7 Watertight integrity - Rev.3 Jan 2012

UR D8 Hazardous areas - Rev.3 Feb 2021 Clean

UR D9 Machinery - Rev.4 Feb 2021 Clean

UR D10 Del

Electrical installations - Deleted Dec 2018

UR D11 Safety features - Rev.3 Jan 2012 Clean

Note: UR D11 Rev.4 will come into force on 1 January 2023 and can be found in "Revision History" 

UR D12 Deleted

UR D12 was re-categorized as UR Z15 in August 2002.

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