Vessels in Class

This page carries a .CSV file (comma separated values - although in this case semi-colons) of ships in class as sent by individual IACS members to Equasis. It is intended that this composite list (of around 40,000 ships) will be updated on a weekly basis.

CSV file formats allows for the data table to be easily retrieved into a variety of applications, they are best view within one that will allow one to easily manipulate data that is in a columnar format. Common examples of such applications are those that are used to create spreadsheets and databases.

It should be noted that the file contains over 64,000 lines, which some of the more popular spreadsheets are limited to viewing.

The file contains data including:
IMO, Ship Name, Class, Date of Survey, Date of Next Survey, Date of Latest Status, Status Code and Reason for Status

For the full scope please see Procedural Requirement 16

Classification status codification:

Status Code:
del - in class
sus - suspended
rei - reinstated
wit - withdrawn
rea - reassigned

Reasons for status:
a - Survey overdue
b - Non-compliance with conditions of class / recommendations
c - Casualty
d - by society for other reasons
0 - Transfer of class to another IACS member
1 - Transfer of class to a non-IACS society
2 - Sold for recycling (scrap)
3 - Owner's request for other reasons

Vessels in Class Documents

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